Welcome to 360 SPARX.

We’re an award-winning branded environment agency.
That means crafting the perfect environment for your brand no matter the circumstances.
Show your brand story the right way.
Grow your business beyond possible limits with 360 SPARX.

Your Most Valuable Partner

We don’t want to just work with you. We want to be your valued partner, achieving tremendous growth to communicate excellence through you.


Make Design Great Again

We use the Design Thinking Model to create environment design solutions that get results, aiming to transform the standard of design in Malaysia by setting a prime example.

How We Work


We make sure we know everything about your brand before work even begins.


We fine-tune the data into a valid strategy that is measurable and efficient.


We use creative thinking to communicate and solve problem beautifully.


We execute by creating turn-key solutions that fit seamlessly into your brand.


We create impact that you can evaluate and measure to keep you satisfied.

All It Takes Is A Spark,
For It To Spread Like Wildfire


Let's Make Your Brand Spark!